Sometimes it picks up a bit and actually sounds like black metal should. Living Tomb by Ossuarium. With this product you earn 36 Napalm Eagles. They remind me of war and sound almost tribal at times. While this album did have its moments I think it didn’t reach its full potential. Only 3 left Delivery Time: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

velnias sovereign nocturnal

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Sovereign Nocturnal / CD

This song features an acoustic interlude that is similar to the first song. NoktornMarch 2nd, It is as if the album gets progressive, and then smoothly mellows out for the listener’s safe departure back in the real velniqs.

And thanks for being a comrade. Then the metal kicks in. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

velnias sovereign nocturnal

All the music here sounds like it’s vaguely a part of the metal scene but not really directly influenced by anything significantly metallic, and it arrives at a kind-of sort-of heavy sound mostly coincidentally rather than out of any desire to make heavy music.

Into Arms of Oak At times it is better than others. Purchasable with gift card.

Into the Oak starts out with the faint sounds of wind accompanied with owls calling in the distance. Knowing this band personally, and understanding how honest they are about their music, it is easy for me to say that they convey their sentiments rather well.

Velnias exists as a an entity in opposition to this misguided and failing modern world. Hailing from Colorado, USA, Velnias came into being in late and established themself by force of steady and captivating live performances throughout the years, be it single concerts and rituals or tours with the likes of Agalloch, Mournful Congregation or the recent EU appearances with Kampfar.


Sovereign Nocturnal / T-Shirt

In The Hours Beneath by Eneferens. This release was good enough. Log in My Wishlist.

velnias sovereign nocturnal

The stripped-down controlled approach hints at a hidden sinister power behind the music though the melodies and riffs sometimes suggest an inkling of hope or a resolution in the atmosphere of sadness and desolation. Instead we have the album’s only extended passage of ambient soundscape basically rain and stormy weather. Song titles like “Into Arms of Oak” and “Risen of the Moon” certainly suggest an interest in folk-oriented themes and certainly there are passages of quiet strumming acoustic guitar sounding almost like a mandolin on all three tracks.

The instrumental interludes and intros were played well, but they really haven’t quite gotten there yet. This album is actually better almost objectively when listened to as background music; there’s almost never enough actually going on to hold your attention for more than a minute or two.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 18, Roads To The North by Panopticon. Yes, Velnias is another one of those Like I said, the intros on this album are killer.

They do achieve a nice atmosphere, but on the other hand there isn’t really even one memorable riff I can think of while I’m typing this review. The whispers of the woods, the rumble of the cold mountains, the roaring of the frigid sea; despair, for you stand as but nothing vdlnias their midst. Or browse results titled:. It takes forever for any of the three songs to go somewhere metallic. We still have periods of quiet contemplative music which to some listeners could be a bit distracting as there’s always the risk that momentum and tension built up in the faster aggressive sections get lost so when the acoustic bits stop, the musicians would have to start building up the momentum again – but it turns out Velnias maintain the tension by keeping such quiet sections fairly short and mocturnal them by expanding the fast parts powerfully if quickly.


One can almost taste their reverence for an untainted world, and their disregard for the fallible and insipid modern society that disappoints them. Hailing from Colorado, USA, Velnias came into wovereign in late and established velniws by force of steady and captivating live performances throughout the years, be it single concerts and rituals or tours with the sovdreign of Agalloch, Mournful Congregation or the recent EU appearances with Kampfar.

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Sovereign Nocturnal | VELNIAS

With this product you earn 36 Napalm Eagles. Are the climaxes interesting? The problem is how goddamn slowly everything moves; just when you think the band is starting to get louder and approach something kind of heavy, they immediately scale it back to another clean guitar passage with toms.