Serangan – Tuah Sebak. Next generation is taking the lead. Last night was the greatest. After Saidjah came back to the village, he waited for Adinda in the place they had promised to meet. TT 07 – Berlin.

ttatw empati tamako

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Saija Java Rockin Land An oration delivered in the most contagious form: It sounds like you guys had a very specific vision for the album, was it inspired by something in particular? TT 07 – Berlin. Catching up stories, singing it all out.

ttatw empati tamako

Next generation is taking the lead. Zaman, Zaman Gardika Gigih Remix. Flume Bon Iver cover. You all nailed it!! So what do you think? The movie screening also gives a down time for the audience to enjoy the festival surrounding or fill our tummy. Nuansa musik The Trees and The Wild kini banyak mengandung unsur eksplorasi gitar ala post-rock hingga efek synthesizer. If the festival was a full course dinner, then this is the perfect dessert for a delightful treat.

ttatw empati tamako

You always make us strive to raise the bar. I also love the transition in the middle of the song from calming to energic part which always be a moodbooster to me.


ttatw empati tamako

Monumen Gulf of Meru Remix. Like a pingpong ball, the crowd then moved to stage A for Tika and the Dissidents. If it looks like the work of something who started learning how to use iMovie, that’s pretty much what it is. Later they invited a fellow musician from Jogja, Gardika Gigih, adding pianica in collaboration of their guitar and glocks tunes.

The Trees and The Wild – Saija. With its interesting concept, jaw-dropping line-up, quirky-thematic decoration, reasonable ticket price, pleasant choice of venue, and the on-time schedule; everything was satisfyingly well organized.

New release: Zaman Zaman by The Trees and The Wild

TT 05 – Malino. There was a seven-year gap in between the albums, what were you guys up to? TT 06 – Our Roots. You guys performed a number of songs on the album on tours before, has the reception of fans affected the final product?

14 Best The Trees and The Wild images in | Fotografia, Fotografie, Photograph

This night they played clips from Indonesian old movies, Tiga Dara and Ambisi Recently sold out CD – “With sweeping post-rock chops reminiscent of Sigur Ros, song titles like “Berlin” and “Irish Girl,” and an autumnal gravitas blowing through their quieter, folkier numbers, thetreesthewild sound like they ought to come from a cold climate. A big thank you to everyone who came to Sofar Sounds Jakarta this month. Packed with a wide range of skills, an unlimited stock of creativity juice, and a great taste in music, these gifted individuals breathes more life to the already vibrant music in Indonesia.


Fight For The Future. Zaman, Zaman is available for purchase via iTunes. Packed with unique music arrangements and short yet deep lyrics, this song is in fact about some powerful history. The future is now! Bedchamber September 14, If you did not get to come to this year festival, our condolences to you because it really is an awesome weekend and you missed out a lot! The song in the video is called “Derau dan Kesalahan”, they played the song again last night in the Road to Soundrenaline showcase after never listed in the set list for quite a long time.