Some of these religious movements supported the French, but others inspired movements against colonial rule. He argued that the purpose of acquiring colonies was to make profits. As the nationalist movement grew, the status of women came to be questioned and a new image of womanhood emerged. Moreover, French citizens living in Vietnam called colons began fearing that they might lose their jobs — as teachers, shopkeepers, policemen — to the educated Vietnamese. Ho Chi Minh City Saigon.

the nationalist movement in indo china ppt

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He was inspired by the militant demonstrations of the European communist parties. While teaching, Vietnamese teachers quietly modified the text and criticised what was stated. Rats began to be caught in thousands: The sewers also served as a great transport system, allowing the rats to move around the city without any problem.

The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China – ppt download

And the actions of the rat-catchers tell us of the numerous small ways in which colonialism was fought in everyday life. What did the French govt do to improve infrastructure in colonial Vietnam This was followed by infrastructure projects to help transport goods for trade, move military garrisons and control the entire region. In order to be modern, was it necessary to regard tradition as backward and reject all earlier ideas and social practices?

The bounty was paid when a tail was given as proof that a rat had been killed. The US regularly bombed this trail trying to disrupt supplies, but efforts to destroy this important supply line by intensive bombing failed because they were rebuilt very quickly.


The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

The war grew out of a fear among US policy-planners mpvement the victory of the Ho Chi Minh government would start a domino effect — communist governments would be established in other countries in the area. What was it to be Modern? In the s, a famous novel by Nhat Linh caused a scandal because it showed a woman leaving a forced marriage and marrying someone of her choice, someone who was involved in nationalist politics.

The effect of the war was felt within the US as well. Educated in the Confucian tradition, Phan Boi Nahionalist was one such nationalist. His dictatorial rule came to be opposed by a broad opposition united under the banner of the National Liberation Front NLF.

Most people know how long and brutal the Vietnam War was, and most know how much controversy and protest mvement caused at home, but how much do you know about. Writers and political thinkers began idealising women who rebelled against social norms.

the nationalist movement in indo china ppt

How were his ideas different from Phan Boi chau. Women were represented not only as warriors but also as workers: The League for the Independence of Vietnam which came to be known as the Vietminh, fought the Japanese occupation and recaptured Hanoi in September If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. nationaliet

Give the contributions of Phan Boi Chau 1. The story of the Ho Chi Minh trail is one way of nationaliwt the nature of the war that the Vietnamese fought against the US. We are told that they gathered a force of over 30, resisted the Chinese for two years, and when ultimately defeated, they committed suicide, instead of surrendering to the enemy.


The objective was no longer to set up a constitutional monarchy but a democratic republic. Rebel women of the past were similarly celebrated. After eight years of fighting, the French were defeated in at Dien Bien Phu. French colonialism was resisted at many levels and in various forms. It began in and gained great popularity in the fertile Mekong delta area.

the nationalist movement in indo china ppt

As the numbers of Vietnamese teachers increased in the lower classes, it became difficult to control what was actually taught. One such was Phan Chu Trinh.

The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China: Independence from Colonisation

They are shown working in agricultural cooperatives, factories and production units, rather than as fighters. Diem retained Ordinance 10, a French law that permitted Christianity but outlawed Buddhism.

the nationalist movement in indo china ppt

Inspired by these developments, Vietnamese students organised the Association for the Restoration of Vietnam. It became a widely read bestseller in Vietnam and China and was even made into a play. Some like Paul Bernard, an influential writer and policy-maker, The economy of the colonies needed to tje developed.

The new republic faced a number of challenges.