What was the reason for the huge illegal immigration influx? The movement attracts more faces and during this mass foreign invasion, we reach more people who were not associated with us previously. So I turned my blog into a vlog, a video blog, and made videos to explain my Weltanschauung. Der dritte Blickwinkel the third viewpoint and Multikulti trifft Nationalismus Multicultural meets nationalism. Thanks for sharing time of your busy schedule to answer my questions. But in Europe, this is a novelty and many comrades support this project.

stahlgewitter hohelied der herkunft

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However the band’s lyrics never directly attack or demean any race or nationality, which then means it is not categorised as hate speech outside of Germany.

Greetings to you, S. But free time is rare. There is an ongoing genocide against all white people and we have to fight together against this. Whoever understands German, may check my blog. Dead Kennedy’s Wrong country on my profile? Because, releasing an album is so time consuming, and the last release was How do you see Germany in ?

Fer is the world’s largest community of heavy metal merchandise collectors and battlejacket builders!

stahlgewitter hohelied der herkunft

Tell me about the problems associated with Stahlgewitter and yourself, regarding the German secret service? He made a video of our conversation and put it on his Youtube -channel. But the majority have nothing to say, when spirit lacks.


stahlgewitter hohelied der herkunft

I told Nana the we have to repatriate millions of so called refugees back to their countries to live in peace. Every race has the right to exist. When I was 14 or 15 years old, I had a one-man band called Volkstroie.

For example, you could use an image to link to us from your blog site, but don’t even think about reproducing in part or whole for commercial use, and never under any circumstances without our watermark and a link to tshirtslayer. But we will change nothing, when we fight the invaders.

Thanks for this great Volksgemeinschaft Folkish community! There are some cases that immigrants burn their own home for people seeking asylum, because they want to live in another place.

Das Hohelied der Herkunft : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

stalhgewitter It was a win-win situation. What was the reason for the huge illegal immigration influx? The so called politicians are like puppets of the big banks, economy and a network of NGOs and lobbys, who pull the strings. After the interview, we met again in Cologne and explained to each other, what we thought of the situation, the mass migration and Germany in general.



Leftists and the system tried to ded our project suppressed, as it doesn’t fit with stereotypes the established media spreads about us.

In these cases, the immigrants get no punishment. The situation is very bad. As far as I know, there was not a single condemnation! For many years there was hostility between them, but in the past years it seems that the situation is improving. Then a German man set a fire in an empty house, which was to become a home for people seeking asylum.

Ok, it could be a training for fighting. I have hohekied thank you for your interesting questions. Division Germania And Stahlgewitter.

stahlgewitter hohelied der herkunft

Please, comment hohelieed the recent events in Hamburg, during the annual meeting of G20? So called refugees have the right, to bring their families to Germany, too. It was the biggest right winge Forum in Germany.