It only suffers in direct comparison, but by itself it rocks. I compared it in its review somewhat to Reynolds, but said Watts was better by being focused. The challenge for me was in trying to tease apart the jumble of ideas without allowing myself to be driven to distraction. Several of them could kill him with essentially no effort or thought. Part of me thinks Watts wrote it for himself, as an exercise in tying together a lot of ideas about religion, consciousness, the mind, awareness, etc.

peter watts echopraxia

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It was a watys departure from Blindsight, because he isn’t one of the many strangenesses that came out of humanity’s evolution. The tensions and threats that emerge are palpable and disturbing and, in the end, bloody.

peter watts echopraxia

It’s just that Watts can be brilliantand in a world where that can be achieved multiple times, very good just doesn’t cut it for me. There’s even a similar sense about a lot of the concepts: It explored conscious thought and sentience and the nature of life and just, wow. Read Blindsight too, and spend some time thinking about both.

Part of me thinks Watts wrote it for himself, as an exercise in tying together a lot of ideas about religion, consciousness, the mind, awareness, etc.

They’re hardly one or two dimensional, and they definitely don’t match up with anything remotely social. As a web of concepts, this is the most impressive book I’ve read in a long time. Most likely a hive-mind like themselves but better.


Mar 09, Stuart rated it it was ok Shelves: In thi Reading Peter Watts makes me feel smart, but boy does he make me work for it. Just don’t let it take too long. I never felt very comfortable or engaged with Watt’s future, though I’m not sure if that has something to do with how long it’s been since I read Blindsight. If anything, I would much rather go back and listen to Blindsight again, which was an amazing book all the way through.

peter watts echopraxia

However, and perhaps this is inevitable, though good, Echopraxia is not quite echhopraxia good. Thank god no pun intended that I did. And I give points for the effort here, and the endeavor. The series has definitely become one of the my favorite series in hard SF.


In Echopraxia, posthumans rule the world, but there’s still a place for ordinary baseline humans I’ll get there eventually. I liked Sangupta yes I did she was great and especially her speech patterns and no eye contact. It happens in parallel. Watts shows in this book just how far he has come as a gifted writer. Unfortunately, parts of Echopraxia are just too inconsistent for me to embrace it with open arms, but Watts should be recognized for his incredible talent of making everything wtats writes about sound fascinating and convincing.

Guess what I am.

It may help to re-read the book, but because of the density of the prose, I think Echipraxia already read it twice – I certainly had to read a large proportion of its sentences and paragraph more than once before I understood what was going on.


It was a creepy, jacked-up science fiction novel about the nature of sentience and on top of that, he echopraxiaa in vampires. Peted being said, the hard science, the amazing near future world, the dark undertones, and the merits of its predecessor made it a no brainer that I would read it cover to cover no matter what….

Worth a read if you find yourself musing about the nature of consciousness, what it means to be a unified personality, and what separates men from beasts and angels.

Echopraxia (Firefall, #2) by Peter Watts

Dec 28, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: He is also a baseline human struggling to live in a post-human world. I truly loved Blindsight, and most of that was due in particular to the main topic at hand. In petsr ability to entertain and satisfy me, it sits somewhere between three and four stars.

He is an honest baseline human surrounded by others who are smarter, faster, and more adaptable than him. It’s only by comparison that it suffers, just a little bit.