In Paranoia, game no longer crashes when Bernadette Peneles exits the city while you are following her. In The Siren’s Deception, the door to Gweden farmhouse is prevented from locking too soon if player exits too quickly. Showing 1 – 4 of 4 comments. This is most commonly a result of attempting to Alt-Tab out of the application during name entry. Bloom is a less intensive version of HDR.

oblivion latest patch 1.2.416

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Turn anti-aliasing down or off.

How to install Oblivion with patches – Nexus Mods Wiki

Oblivion – Oblivion Beautification Project v. Turning it off will improve framerate but degrade visual quality. You will not see trees in the distant landscape but your framerate and load times will improve.

Player can no longer fast travel when paralyzed. In Revenge Served Cold, Corrick will now recognize when player had the jade amulet in their inventory if No Stone Unturned quest had been previously completed. 1.2.16 Sign up to access this! The updated launcher now includes options for changing your auto detect settings for Video Quality. Fixed issue where Bloodgrass topic was not added if player finished the Main Quest before starting quest.

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Fixed an exploit that allowed you to sell equipped items to a vendor more than once while on a horse. Go to the Processes Tab. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Fixed issue where stolen items would lose their stolen status if the player character was female. In the Confront the King quest, fixed an issue where Mannimarco would occasionally stop patcb the player while the player’s controls are locked.

Fixed an issue where player is still in combat even though the creature is no longer present. This will reduce the amount of softening the shadows receive, but increase framerate.

The Elder Scrolls IV: There’s a fan made patch, which fixes bugs bethesda didn’t.

oblivion latest patch 1.2.416

We also recommend that you prepare your hard drive for installation by running ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter prior to installation. New Very Low Quality graphic setting available under Launcher options with improved support for low end FX cards and lower. Set Grass slider as low as possible. This will cause objects latets lose their shininess at lower distances, improving your framerate.

Before attempting to install Oblivion, please verify that your computer meets system requirements. Llatest infinite soul gems exploit by dropping and picking up stacked soul gems. The reflection from the environment map in windows now displays properly. Taking items from dead owned creatures is no longer a crime. Keyboard input problems could be the result of a control peripheral.


To play Oblivion after uninstalling Shivering Isles, you must first uninstall and reinstall Oblivion to properly replace the needed files. Fixed a crash with stealing an object, exiting and immediately re-entering an interior.

oblivion latest patch 1.2.416

Simply moving the mouse over those icons will get rid of them after you stop playing Oblivion. Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Fixed issue where an NPC would occasionally not perform the proper idle animation.

How to install Oblivion with patches

All trademarks are property of 1.2.461 respective owners in the US and other countries. Can anyone explain this? You will not see cities or the Imperial City in the distant landscape but your framerate and load times will improve. But you should get the Unofficial Patch too. Set Shadow Filtering as low as possible or off.