Vibracart Paypal Paypal shopping cart. These checks stop hackers modifying prices in your buttons or redirecting IPN calls etc. They can also be set to never expire in which case they simply hide the location of the file on your server. If the test fails you should contact your hosting company and let them know. Sitelok Members only area script. Bonus free download links can be added based on the total order amount.


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If the test fails then 1 Add this setting to linklokipn. Support for Get Response.

PayPal Download Delivery | Secure PayPal Downloads

I use Vibralogix’s Linklok Paypal software to allow my customers to securely download what they’ve purchased. The download links do not contain the location of the file on your server so there is no risk of the link being decoded etc.


From time to time Paypal may block a buyers payment immediately when they purchase. Just check that the server has PHP 5. This happens even if the buyer closes the browser before returning to your site.

We have also added IP country reporting to the download notification email and other templates which can be useful for EU VAT reporting. Passwords generated for Sitelok no longer have the! You can do this on a product basis which is useful if you want to provide access to product support areas for example. We offer a free installation service if you use one of these services.


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Linklok Mals Sell downloads with Mals-e. Normally the download page and email templates can handle any number or items per order. Linklol Linklok Paypal V3. Vibracart Paypal Paypal shopping cart. Sitelok Paypal plugin We have released V1.

Linklok Paypal | Vibralogix Blog

Linklok works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Linklok Paypal We have released V2. We advise clients to download and read the manual before purchasing.

Try a live order If the video didn’t give you that hands on feeling linolok you can try a live order. We have added a PDF watermarking feature to all versions of Linklok.


Better integration with Sitelok. If you use Dropbox with Linklok we recommend you update before June This works using the add on skin called Linkklok providing automated sales and delivery. This provides the users IP address and optionally IP country as well.

Watch a typical checkout process If you prefer click here to view this video in YouTube. There are some notes on the page about how to update linklokipn.

These new versions include support for Amazon S3 downloads. It has been the best single piece of software I’ve ever bought.



Linklok Paypal works with Paypal’s Buy Now buttons, Add to Cart buttons or Donation buttons which means that it should work with any existing Paypal buttons that you already have on linklko site. Please visit the download page and download the latest version that is available to you. Linklok can generate secure download links that download directly from Dropbox.

Linklok Mals – Sell downloadable products with Mal’s e-commerce cart

This includes the download page and the email content. However please note that the security only applies to the page pointed to and not onward links from that page.

They will burn your disc, print covers, package and ship your product out to clients worldwide at a very low cost. Payment processors Linklok linklol with any payment processor used by Mal’s e-commerce that supports Remote Call which currently includes Paypal standard, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express, Authorize.

Seamless process The buyer clicks standard Mal’s Add to Cart buttons on your site and passes throughout the checkout process as normal.