I used the title of the song to re-enforce my exploration of the use of the female body in public spaces rather than the evolution and history of the song. One of the talking heads brought up an interesting point, that the Carnival culture in Trinidad fuels the obsession with bottoms because Carnival is about men dancing with women in the street and naturally the man is going to be behind the woman. I have put out two trailers for this movie. Occasionally one might see a university student wearing tight fitting jeans. What led you to move here to Trinidad? So I had to research local music.

iwer george bottom in de road

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But the majority see themselves here. How the white man messed up the black woman back then.

Bottom in De Road Documentary

And again it was a total shock to me! I have put out two trailers for this movie. Most times iwdr would wear loose clothing that covered their backsides. And they are trying right now.

iwer george bottom in de road

I can not wait to start filming! Trinidad is a drop in the ocean compared to Nigeria.


When I first met my wife, she used to wear long gowns to cover her bottom as well. Faith Looks interesting Oyetayo. You had footage of a lot of different soca artists performing like Machel Montano, Alison Hinds and then you had interviews with Destra and Iwer George.

iwer george bottom in de road

Growing up with a Trinidadian mother toad Nigeria, what did you know about Trinidad before you came here?

Did you find yourself having behinds on the brain more when you came here?

Visual Culture: Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade’s “Bottom In De Road” – LargeUp

Trinidad is…the women, ooh lord. Trinidad alone could be just one town in Nigeria. The constant male gaze, the freedom that Caribbean women have in asserting their freedom, individuality and independence in public spaces. Boom-boom small, ah putting waist on all.

Visual Culture: Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade’s “Bottom In De Road”

Trinidad, and much of the Caribbean, is quite the opposite. I interviewed all of those people to counteract that. This [is] my eighth one so far. That would have been up for derision in days gone by. So I miss Nigeria for that. So Ojoade, a documentary filmmaker who teaches in the film program at University of the West Indies-St. And that is the reason why I did this documentary, Bottom in De Road. Boom-boom small, me ain’t fraid Dem at all, If de boom-boom big!


Bottom in De Road Documentary

And Nigeria has so many different cultures. I arranged to have an interview with Iwer George. I tried to get Denise Belfon for over three years.

iwer george bottom in de road

I grew up with my mother being in charge. Below is a link to my work: Did you approach these other Carnival performers? With loose clothing that covers the bottom. What was the aim there?

Carnival back in his days, they were almost all dressed. It sounds like the social habits of Trinidad are of particular interest to you. Occasionally you see a woman in tight-fitting jeans, but depending on where she goes, she will get harassed.