AES encrypted streams are supported if the provider allows to access the key. Added a property page button to each decoder selection box. A new Option is available: Service Adresse und Web-Port: Added “Reset Device on monitor change”. Enter the address and the channel name and click Add.

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DVBViewer Pro a win 8

Other items like “Channel List”, “Channel Editor” etc. The channel names are now shown with a charset based on the user locales. Added the data tag ” PremierePortal”. Plugin windows, Weather- and Newswindow: From now on there are no duplicate entries of channels with the same ChannelID in the favorites list allowed. Now all arriving EPG data is stored and the settings decide which EPG type is displayed for a channel, allowing to switch between them.

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The PiP window could be moved over the status bar. Blu-ray was not started correctly from OSD Videos. If ToggleFav was active and a channel couldn’t be identified as a favorite the display of the left hand panel of the status bar was empty. The position of dialog windows was sometimes incorrect. A change of a satellite frequency on the channel data page of the channel editor did not adjust the LOF and 22 kHz signal settings accordingly. Now on each action which would cause a graph close there is a check if the audio recorder plugin is active with a warning dialog.


Griga reworked the DiSEqC handling.

Only the current audio track is recorded timeshift does only buffer the current audio track. Refreshing the recording database didn’t work correctly if no infofile was present. Missing entries in the file actions. Hybrid devices based on the Terratec HTC are now detected correctly.

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Additional lead time in minutes: Video Recorder Plugin removed from the language files and the defaults. How to get it? Download EPG from service. The task scheduler password and user name now need to be entered in the task scheduler itself. Some providers send wrong URIs for their videos, they are now repaired before playback starts Add: Streaming Thread reading problem.

If it’s empty check if the firewall allows UPnP packets.

dvbviewer pro

The name of the options channel in the options channel menu are now shown as transmitted by Sky. The default is “Stop”. If you set the time to 0 it wont be shown at all.


Dvbvuewer does not urge users anymore to download and install the DirectX 9 runtime library when a custom video renderer is selected. The Volume bar is vertical to demonstrate the use of a vertical progress bar.

dvbviewer pro

Channel search with unicast devices now works for “slow tuning” DVB hardware in the Recording Service. After clicking OK DVBViewer was not terminated properly, but was still running invisibly and had to be terminated with the task manager see here. If the dbvviewer windows was minimized to the tray while a child window was open and the child window was closed with the context menu, the windows wasn’t hidden correctly and could not be closed anymore.

The OSD pages in the Options have been reworked and reorganized including the corresponding English and German language file sections. After the transaction has been dvbvewer, the downloadable content will be unlocked for your DVBViewer member account in the DVBViewer members area https: Removed the use first CPU only option.

Re-activating it restarts recording in another file.