Xaphoon Jones Artist Info. Rosa Parks Went To Crazytown. Avicii – Levels D. Stereo Drugs Memory Loss Mash. Determined to inspire in fresh and innovative ways, D.

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Short ones and long ones. Midnight In Rack City D.

brassified information

Determined to inspire in fresh and innovative ways, D. Bring Em Home D. My Dangerously Melodic Anthem. We’re gonna be doing this here thang weekly, so send em’ on. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Turnin’ Tricks For Treats.

Money Aint Stayin Alive. Bynar – Wings of Riot.

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Norwegian Recycling informatipn Miracles Bruno Mars vs. Laidback Luke Fran Mondey Mashup. Also, keep in mind we want all of you to send us everything you got.

We think we’ve done our part. This is definetly one of my favourite mashup monday’s ever, soo many great tracks.


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With 7 genre-defying mixes reaching the top 5 on the Hype Machine popular chart, this multi-faceted collaboration has gained respect from some of the most unexpected music lovers.

We’ve found down-tempo ones. Avicii – Levels D. Spencer Brown reworks deadmau5’s orchestral ‘fn pig’ to announce “here’s the drop! Xaphoon Jones Artist Info.

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We’ve been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. Mashup Monday – We’re going to melt you faces off with enough mashed up music to make brassifiee wanna slap yo’ mama.

Now if your mashup is lucky enough to be featured on Earmilk, and we don’t list your name sometimes we can’t find it! Just make sure to give us your info so you get your well deserved credit.

Derek Sabiston – Drakenectar Drake vs Bassnectar. Son of a Nun feat. Rosa Parks Went To Crazytown. I Love The Feeling D. Vampire Weekend In Atlanta. nrassified


brassified information

Top Tracks Add All to Playlist. Amazon Buy Songs http: Bring Em Home T. Masta Blasta Trapsta D. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. Copy and share link. Recovery Password Recovery Password.