I will investigate the code, but my environment is a non-build environment, so I cannot compile and apply the patch myself. Chris J Arges arges wrote on Strange, it’s also missing from Changed in linux-firmware Ubuntu: Using alternate install, there are no issues on install, but after install, boot fails with aic94xx firmware error below.

aic94xx seq fw

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Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Same issue with Jaunty install using both the alternate install, and the desktop install. I have reported this. I found this to be a great learning experience but would not expect people trying to get something to work to have to deal with. James Holmes jdh-rtds wrote on Subsequently, the Ubuntu Ac94xx Release Updates Team is being unsubscribed and will ssq receive messages about this bug report.

In my case this is not yet a production system, but it will definitely set me back a few hours wiping the disk, reinstalling with hardy or intrepid and then restoring the data. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on I can bypass this by: In clause two it appears that this package cannot be sic94xx.



On desktop install, it doesn’t load on boot of the cd. But when the server reboots, I have a big error f aic94xx firmware error.

aic94xx seq fw

When installing ubuntu, all process goes fine. Changed in linux-firmware Ubuntu Precise: The Fedora Core 18 counterpart looks like: Did some more reading I can’t do anything about older releases since those ISOs have already been created, but I’ll remove both firmware and license from Trusty until the license issues are clarified.

Also, if you could test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great. Actually, I have both problems and more: Then you just use update-initramfs to re-build the image. For this specific license it appears that this License is rather restrictive. Email me about changes to this bug report.

ISO CD images are available from http: Hey Joseph – Pretty sure. It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue. Had to boot with old kernel. Bug reported by Timothy Chen on Colin Watson cjwatson on I’ve confirmed that the problematic firmware is missing. The first reports the same issues, and the solution of rmmod and modprobe aic94xx works for me. After much tinkering, I think I have found what is missing.


aic94xx seq fw

I still think this is a bug. Tim Gardner timg-tpi on Boot from hd0,4 ext2 Starting up … Loading, please wait… srq block devices found no block devices found no block devices found no block devices found Gave up waiting for root device… etc… thanks for the help in advance…. I don’t see it in the linux-firmware repository. Hi Timothy, Gw this firmware distributed with Ubuntu? Hello Timothy, or anyone else affected, Accepted linux-firmware into precise-proposed.